Be Still, But Never Stop Artistic Adventures

I am back to making art and making a children's book. Yes, I have been going on roller coasters in this creative journey. I went back to the basics and was learning all the fundamentals to drawing, before starting the artwork in the children's story. Knowing all the basics is very important, but I was definitely on the slow part of the roller coaster with that.

As you can see from my last post, even my painting stalled. Why, I don't even know. Oh, I think because I wanted to just concentrate on the children's book again, because I need to finish it very soon. Well, forget focusing on one or the other. I am going back to doing both and I am excited about it all.

I am taking a little class on illustration for the children's book and I love my teacher so far. She is giving me great tips, step by step. I think that's what I need more, steps. Forget the roller coasters. On this artistic adventure I need my hiking boots and I am taking the easy trail step by step, until I reach my destination, which will really never come. Life and really any adventure we try happens step by step, and I plan to enjoy it along the way.

Be Still - peaceful ocean painting
Be Still
Here's a painting in the middle of my painting process. This painting is not finished. Here I am Being Still. I am seeking peace and joy on my artistic journey, and only stopping to be still along the way, never stopping completely.

May you find the peace and joy on your journey, stopping to be still at the water viewing spots, but never giving up.

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