Words of Love on World Poetry Day!

Happy World Poetry Day! Apparently the UN made today March 21st World Poetry Day in 1999, but I didn't know about it until today. Not that I was much of a poet in the past. However, I have been having fun playing with words lately.

I made a short little stanza and posted it on twitter, so you know it's short! It's not a poem fit for children's picture books though, but I decided to share it here anyway. I do hope I don't get penalized by the search engine for duplicate content though!? Here is the longer version of the first stanza and I have added another stanza to it. Hopefully my short poem will be okay with the search engines.  
I hope you all try your hand at a little poetry today. Please feel free to share any poems you write here. I would love to read them.

Also today some coffee shops around the world will give you a free cup of coffee for the payment of one of your poems. Pay with a poem. How cool is that!

Around the world today poets' thumbs twiddle,
As we ponder in rhyme, rhythm, and riddle.
We are one in body, and to each relate.
If we hold to the vine, in awe we create.

We can bear poetry that build others sky high.
With words of wonder and love which never die.
We are many, but struggle in vain without the vine.
Let love flow around the world like never-ending wine.  

I hope you liked my short little poem, even though it's not meant for picture books for kids. Sometimes it's just fun to act like a poet. And I do hope to have some children's poems for you in the future. Now go and share your words of love in rhyme today.

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