Adventures in Books, Bread, and Beyond

I hope you are having the start of grand adventures in this new year of 2015. It has only been 8 days, I know, but perhaps you have found yourself journeying into a new book? I picked up a new book recently and I am excited to start reading it. They say parents who read encourage their children to read too.

Are you excited about this New Year? I am. I think this year is going to be a great year. I am full of hope and new possibilities on my horizon. Whatever path you take this year, I hope many great blessings fall upon you.

I started a new children's book about baking bread and a beast… I love baking bread, so it does seem to be the perfect story for me. I just started, but so far it's rising well and I am hopeful for a beautiful final rise of a story.
Books and Bread

I have also started thinking about baking bread and selling it at the local farmer's market. Oddly enough a few people have told me I should sell my bread at the farmer's market, and they have me thinking. Yes, it costs about $30 to get a spot for the day, but that's not much and I think I can sell enough bread to cover that cost. There are some certificates or health licenses permits that I need to look into though… But it would be really cool to sell some bread and then maybe sell my children's book about bread one day too! The book would go along with the bread in the tent perfectly. We will see what happens.

What are your goals, dreams, or books that you want to read this year? Make it a great year, whatever happens! Remember there are always many wonderful journeys and knowledge to be had in books.

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