New Children's Story!

I have started my new children's story! I just started it, but I think it is going good so far. I hope to finish it pretty quickly this time and then move on to the next story.

Or I could even start my next story while I am writing this one. I've heard some people work on a few stories all at once, which I think may be very helpful when stuck on writer's block.

So I hope this one finishes well so I can start the illustrations! I am excited about creating the pictures to go along with the story. Perhaps one day I will do the illustrations first and then create the words to go along with the pictures. Or even make a picture book with only one word that is repeated throughout the book. I've seen a couple of those books and I think they are funny and really cute. After all, one picture is worth a 1,000 words, right!?

Well, I know I should probably say more, but I don't want to ruin the picture book for you all. (I do hope somebody reads this blog someday, but it is kind of nice having this blog as my little journal until I figure out where I want this blog to go.) Plus, perhaps I should be getting back to writing, marketing this blog, or other things. I need to really start marketing this blog. I haven't really done much of that yet, beside social media. By the way feel free to follow me on twitter. (Sorry for the shameless plug, it was just too perfect.)

Anyway, have a wonderful day. I do hope to blog here more consistently. I wonder though, how consistent one should be when trying to work on their children's story, which is the whole point of this blog? 

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