Poet's Day and Rhyming Children's Stories!

I was floating around on twitter today looking at what children's books authors tweet about or what pops up on my feed and whatnot. I saw that it was Poet's Day today, but it's not poetry day.

It's Poet's day!

I tried researching more about poet's day and there aren't that many people talking about it. I did find Dayoftheyear.com and Scholastic talking about today being poet's day. So I thought I would talk about it here.

I did see that P.O.E.T.S day also is the acronym that stands for P***, Off, Early, Tomorrow's, Saturday, which workers in the UK and Australia say on Fridays. Or the P could stand for push or punch, as in punch out the time card. However, given today is Thursday and not Friday I know it's not P.O.E. T.S day, it is Poet's Day.

I tweeted a little poetry:

Today is Poet's Day, Hooray!
Time for rhythm and rhyme, don't delay.
There's no one way, just word play.
Time to play, on poet's day!

I hope you do play with some words today! Please let me know if you do. Feel free to even share a little poetry in the comments too. 

Yes, it's not national poetry day, which is on October 2nd, which I hope I remember, because this year's theme is: Remember! Haha. But today is the day to act like a poet and write a poem. It could be for a children's book or some long heartfelt love poem to your sweetheart.

The children's book I am writing is in rhyme. I do like rhyming children's stories, but not everyone does. It can be hard to write using poetic techniques, but I think it's fun. It doesn't mean I am a real poet though, but I like to play. Do you like children's stories that rhyme? 

Well, it's time for me to go do some word play and write a little more poetry before the end of the day. 

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