New and Old Adventures in the Colorful World of Children's Stories

So I finished the children's story I've been working on, and well I am not very happy with it. And it's not just a lot of editing that is needed. Remember when I told you I was stuck a couple weeks back? Or perhaps I mentioned it in passing posts

Well, I think I should have just moved on to the next story then, but I wanted to push on and just finish the story. Well, I did finish it. I think finishing a story is very important. However, I don't know if any of it is salvageable, which is perhaps why I should have quit a month ago.

Although, maybe I can use some of the story to make a children's book one day, only time will tell. I know I definitely want to use the main star for another story if nothing else at all. And that could start a wonderful series where people start begging for the first story that started it all! Haha! Hey, a girl can dream right?

Well, I will think about what to do with this story, while I press forward to a brand new children's story. I am excited to be on a new adventure! Here's to the end of summer, the end of one story, and to the beginning of another!

Are you going to start any new stories in this adventure called life? It doesn't have to be for children, it could be a new hobby, class, or habit? I think it's important to try new things in life, for change makes life colorful.

The Flower Children: The Little Cousins of the Field and Garden (1910)
Elizabeth Gordon Artist: M. T. Ross

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