Children's Book Illustrator Course

I started taking this Illustration course from the website How To Be A Childrens Book Illustrator. I think it's important to learn the field well, and I believe one can always improve. I just got started on the self-paced drawing and watercolor course, but so far I am enjoying it. I have access to the course for six months, but it is only supposed to take me about two months to finish the course, if I work fast. As of now, it will take me longer than two months to finish, which is partly because of summer vacations and fun, and partly because of I wanted to finish my story first…

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Yes, I still haven't finished my children's picture book story yet. But hopefully I will finish soon. I don't have too far to go. Maybe studying illustration will give me some inspiration on how to finish. When I finish I hope to still join the critique group from the poetry course, but I may have to find another critique group instead. That will be a nail-biting experience that I am not looking forward too, but I must face my fears. Perhaps getting more heavily involved in illustration will help me then too.

The other night I watched the children's picture book Illustrator course's monthly critique webinar. Of course, I didn't have any artwork to submit, but I wanted to see what it was all about. I enjoyed seeing everyone's beautiful illustrations. On that night there were about ten other people who joined in on the webinar. Mark Mitchell, the teacher and owner of the site led the group, and two other people spoke their vocal critiques. And the rest of the people left their critique or any comments about the illustrations in the chat window.

I was mostly quiet; because I was new and didn't know what to say. However, Mark told the new students to share some comments. And I think I shared something that was redundant, but oh well, I am still learning. I will be a professional children's illustration critic soon…haha or hopefully I will just be able to give some helpful opinions once I get the hang of everything. I do hope to be a professional children's book creator though, God willing. :) 

I am excited about my children's book illustrator journey. I have a ways to go so far, but it will be a fun adventure. 

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