Writing Picture Books, Floating, and Time

I have been reading picture book blogs today. I have also been floating around on the social media out there. Then of course, as we all know, time flies right by. I do like the community of picture book authors, illustrations, and those that love to read children's stories to their kids or grandkids… Everybody is so friendly and helpful. I am excited to start connecting with picture book lovers out there!

But first I need to work on my picture book; well it should be done first anyway! Haha J Sometimes a writer can get stuck, but the story must go on. I've heard that drawing or doing some other creative activity can help, but since the pizza dough is already in the fridge rising since last night, perhaps it's
The Pizza Pie Chart of Time
time to do a little doodling.

I haven't drawn any sketches of my main character yet. Others have said don't draw first, draw second after the story, that way you don't write in any scenes that shouldn't be there. But then I've also heard all kinds of scenes and ideas of where the character can go will jump at you when drawing. Hmm…I don't know. I guess the only way to find out is to do both. I bet each story is different too.

Back to blogging…is blogging one time a week enough? Or should I be blogging more? The same thing goes with social media. Again I've heard a variety of opinions. Perhaps I will start blogging more when more readers stop by, or perhaps the way to be graced with more readers is by blogging more. Well, I might have to do some more reading on that or talking to someone else about it.

Because I love reading, which can be a lovely use of time, but sometimes I tend to read for far too long about a variety of topics. Time - such a precious commodity. Conserve the clock cleverly. ;) How are you at managing your time and getting unstuck when writing or illustrating or just in life? It's all about focus, floating along, and faith right!? And now it's time for me to do some writing on my children's picture book! 

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