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This is my first post on my new Art, Children's books, and more blog!

Hello everyone, or soon to be everyone!

I am excited to start blogging again. I have blogged quite a lot in the past, but took a big break, I guess you could call it. Now I am back with a totally different blog genre.

I love creating and I hope to create beautiful things for people, both the wee young and young at heart. I hope to create art that makes people smile.

I am working on a Children's book right now, while I am taking an online course. I am taking the Craft and Pleasures of Writing Poetry for Kids at the Children's Book Academy. So I guess you could say I am back in school at a Academy and having a great time! It has been a fast moving ride and there is only one week left, but I have enjoyed learning so much about poetic techniques.

Next I would like to take an online Illustrator's course. I enjoy making art and would like to write and illustrate my first children's book. I have always wanted to create a children's book, ever since I was a child in fact. Somehow I started writing other things instead, such as online articles about a variety of topics and what not. I heard I shouldn't write children's books until I have read a lot of children's book, which makes sense, but I thought that meant I should wait until I have kids and start reading them some. Well, one day not too long ago I was inspired by family and friends to start now, which makes even more sense. Because then maybe I could share my very own children's book with my children one day, God willing. So I have started and I am excited to see how it all plays out. I have a couple ideas for some more children stories too.

I am excited to be on this creative journey and I hope to inspire others or just make others smile.

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